At A-ABAIL Bonding, we offer immediate help, locally and nationwide.

We are a trusted, reliable and experienced bail bonding firm. No matter the situation or circumstance, we offer fast and friendly service 24 hours, seven days a week


  At A-ABAIL Bonding, we understand that the bailout process can be frustrating and intimidating.
  That's we try to make each  and every process as  simple as it needs to be. We specialize in bond
  reductions, and we offer flexible payment plans with the lowest rates. A-ABAIL Bonding offers full bail
  bond  services with bail bond agents nationwide to serve all the major cities. We  provide nationwide bail
  bonding services.
  Our office is conveniently located on West Main Street, across from the Lafayette Jail. With a friendly,
  courteous and professional staff, we put forth our best efforts in getting you out of jail as soon as possible.
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Our Bondsmen:

Gerold Burrow                  Jay McDonald                       Jerry Manual

Vaughn Swilley                 Tim Huval                              Taylor Bonnette

                                     Shane Robicheaux